How can you not have mad amounts of love for Peet's Coffee & Tea?” —
This place is a piece of coffee history, the one that started it all.” —
Everyone around here owes a debt of gratitude to Alfred Peet for bringing European dark-roasted coffee to the Bay Area.” —

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peet’s coffee & tea

Peet’s Coffee & Tea opened his first coffee shop in Berkeley, California in April 1966, he started a coffee revolution.  No one had ever seen coffee of this quality, and roasted in this artisan manner in America before.  Continuing in the traditional, artisan style Alfred Peet established 43 years ago, Peet’s hand-roasts its coffee in small batches, focusing on using superior-quality beans and a darker roasting style, producing coffee with a depth of flavor, richness, and complexity.  For more than four decades, Peet’s has attracted a growing family of loyal, almost zealous customers known as “Peetniks”, for whom a cup of coffee could only mean a cup of Peet’s.  Remaining true to the same principle that inspired Alfred Peet — an unrelenting commitment to quality— Peet’s defines the gold standard by which all other coffee is judged.

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