Oaklandish — with CEO and creative director Angela Tsay at the helm — is doing trailblazing work that deserves to be recognized.
— Levi Strauss
Oakland's civic pride looks best in Oaklandish, a clothing company that adapts symbols of the city—the oak tree, the Bay Bridge, the OAK airport code — into cool, screenprinted designs.
— Gothamist
Oaklandish is a booming business rooted in Oakland pride.
— San Francisco Chronicle

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The Oaklandish mission is to spread “local love” by way of civic pride tees and accessories, while creating quality inner city jobs for locals and giving back to the people and places that maintain the city’s trailblazer spirit. In line with this mission, they donate a portion of proceeds to grassroots nonprofits committed to uplifting Oakland. When you rock these roots, you’re representing and supporting Oakland!

When we at High Flying Foods set out to bring an independent Oakland coffee roaster to their hometown airport, we were overwhelmed by the task of only choosing one. Each of them has a terrific product and a passionate story. During our visits to local artisan workshops, we visited the Oaklandish Factory, just off Jack London Square. There, we got to know the brilliant illustrators, screen printers, and garment makers who are behind the gear everyone proudly wears on the streets.

And then it hit us. What we really wanted to do is celebrate these local roasters together in a way that represents Oakland’s unique coffee scene — the same way the Oaklandish brand promotes Oakland’s influential artistic and artisan cultures. So we did just that. The experience at Oaklandish Coffee Collective reflects the personality and spirit of Oakland, because its people are involved in everything it serves.

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