It’s a perfect Southern homage.
— Michael Bauer, SF Chronicle
One of the Top Ten Best Places For Fried Chicken in the Nation.
— Bon Appétit
The Best Chicken & Waffles in SF.
— 7x7 Magazine

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farmerbrown was built from the ground up by owners Jay Foster and Deanna Sison Foster. A true labor of love, the restaurant was created from their passions: hers, community, and his, food.

Deanna is constantly driven by authentic and wholehearted connectedness—from the neighborhood, to the city, to the food. This drive is reflected in the restaurant’s charm and hospitality. Jay is more than an adventurous restaurateur; he’s also a deeply passionate chef with roots in the American South. This continues to define him, his culinary approach, day-to-day work ethic, and most valuably, his relationships with the staff and patrons he calls family.

farmerbrown is a destination where good things gather: locally sourced seasonal ingredients, West Coast freshness and time-honored southern recipes from the Creoles to the Carolinas, and artful and seasonally celebrated cocktails that blend well with fresh beats. All come together to define modern Americana cuisine. With an ambience that mixes true southern providence and generosity of spirit with the heart of San Francisco, you feel native in an instant—welcomed as a member of the family.

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