Lindgren has crafted the most interesting Italian wine list around, and there's always someone around to lead diners to something new.
— SF Chronicle
Shelley Lindgren's depth of knowledge is evident in the staggering, unique selections she’s pulled together for her restaurants. She’s completely changed and challenged what Americans think about Italian wine
— Food & Wine
A Bay Area version of the cuisine of Southern Italy, this refined hot spot wins praise for its stellar wine lists and fab wood-fired pizzas, among other thoughtfully conceived and prepared plates.
— Zagat

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Over the past two decades, no one has changed the way Bay Area residents think about what it means to be an Italian restaurant as much as A16.  The Michelin-recognized and award-winning restaurants are a love letter to the farmers, vintners, and food artisans that can be found in town piazzas, roadside trattorias, and home kitchens from Naples to Bari.  Half a world away, you can find their rustic recipes and wines being celebrated on both sides of the Bay. 

Named after the Autostrada dei due Mari (the interstate highway that connects the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas), the road to A16 Pizzeria began, appropriately, on an inspiration trip across the A16 Highway for distinguished Sommelier/Owner Shelley Lindgren and her husband Greg.  Stopping at countless village restaurants and small wineries, Shelley and Greg knew exactly what they wanted their restaurant to smell, taste, and feel like.  Road-weary at the end of the trip, the restaurant team was brimming with menu possibilities but short on names.  When a friend joked about calling it A16, a light bulb went off.  It was the perfect name for a restaurant that celebrates Southern Italy’s casual but passionate food and wine lifestyle. 

Since opening their first location in San Francisco in 2004, Shelley and Greg have expanded their concept to reach Tokyo and Oakland, and even to an unlikely venue: a pickup truck, complete with a wood-burning oven ready to make fresh Napoli pizza on the fly.

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