high flying foods

High Flying Foods is a boutique, family-owned and operated company redefining the art of airport dining. Focusing on fresh, quality ingredients, we hand-craft our dishes from scratch and thoughtfully source each ingredient. Our authentic approach is both unique and inspired, as we execute our expansive vision across multiple cities on a local level – partnering with the most celebrated chefs and sourcing from each market’s local farms. Based in San Francisco, we fully embrace our city’s progressive food culture, and we bring the same artisanal values of local, fresh, organic, and quality product to each of our airport restaurants.

With over 20 years of restaurant experience, co-founders and brothers, Garrett and Glenn, are consummate foodies who started their careers running and later owning one of San Francisco’s most iconic fine dining restaurants. With an entrepreneurial heart, they ventured on their own and created the Meyers’ own Firewood Cafe.  Recognized for their exceptional execution, the brothers were invited to bring their acclaimed restaurant to the San Francisco International Airport. What they found in their competition was a glaring lack of quality and culinary creativity. Glenn and Garrett refused to sacrifice their values and thoughtful attention to detail. With relentless pride and dedication, they vowed to change and redefine the airport dining experience. And so began High Flying Foods.

Never accepting the status quo, High Flying Foods has consistently pushed boundaries with product, design, concept, and execution. In our newest chapter, we have created The Collection. With The Collection, High Flying Foods partners with the most celebrated, local chefs to showcase their pure culinary vision. Each restaurant is an extension of the values we and our partners embrace. With passion and an eye for detail, our team goes above and beyond to execute this collaborative vision, to exceed expectations, and to deliver an unparalleled experience, one inspired restaurant at a time.