high flying foods

High Flying Foods is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, boutique, family-owned and operated company that is making waves in the airport concessions industry. We approach each local community with the same measured respect and thoughtful process as we do in our own community of the Bay Area, and we partner with the most iconic local brands and celebrated chefs, and source from each market’s local farms. We seek out those who share our values and vision, those who can be our true partners in the collaborative process. And we bring them to the airport in the purest form — no dilution, no cut corners, no compromises.

Brothers Glenn and Garrett Meyers started High Flying Foods because a love and passion for food was engrained in their family heritage. Using recipes handed down within the family for generations, they opened their first nationally celebrated Firewood Café in the city of San Francisco. Glenn’s wife Dayna waited tables and hosted with their first-born son on her hip, and the brothers worked together in the restaurant to grow the concept and company. Fast forward to today, and the HFF family has grown to nearly 600 employees with Glenn and Garrett still at the helm. As fathers, brothers, and sons, they recognize the importance of a support system and have instilled family values in the company. At HFF, they treat everyone in their company as family. They know the ins and outs of what it takes to run a truly successful restaurant and bring that perspective to every one of HFF’s airport dining locations.

With passionate and involved leadership, High Flying Foods is pioneering and innovating in the ever-changing airport world, bringing only the highest quality and delivering at the highest level. Nothing is ever compromised. We’re not looking to be the biggest; we’re looking to be the best.